Welcome to


I use this domain for weird conceptual stuff.

Like this, this, this, and this.

Perhaps you wanted my other site, 2RE.net.

Or my other, other site, Torrey.co.

Or my pictures from Comicon 2013.

Or my Just the Factoids project.

Or my funky little story on Tapestry.

Or one of the many odd domains I have with various projects:

8bitbrewery.com. My 'nano' brewery.

artistsresource.net. Domain for sale.

athiestsforlent.com. Maybe something someday? Domain for sale.

bikesandartandrock androll.com. I had an idea for a web zine. Domain for sale.

doulove.co. That was going to be a product. Domain for sale.

fastbacon.com. Like Bacon, but fast!. Domain for sale.

listsofcrap.com. I had high hopes for that one. Domain for sale. Also comes with listofcrap.com with no 's' if you want it.

severenudity.com. Domain for sale.

thecappstreetgirls.com. My old band.

torriki.com. That was like a mind dump for all my notes, but someone hacked it, so I lost everything. Now I just do plaintext notes on my hard drive and back it up periodically.

towt.co. Oh yea. This is happening!

transparentla.com. A site I put up for a hackathon. Domain for sale.

triangle-corp.com. An old conceptual art project form the 90s where I created a corporation as a work of art.

ylem.org. YLEM was an awesome period of my life.